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Pet Owner Tips for the 4th of July Holiday and Low-Cost Vaccination-Microchip Clinic on July 2

Release Date: 2015-07-01

The Fourth of July can be a frightening time for animals, with the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks often sending pets scurrying out of the house or yard in search of security or shelter. Long Beach Animal Care Services would like to remind all animal owners that they can save themselves, and their pets, a tremendous amount of heartache and anxiety by following a few simple suggestions during the Independence Day weekend.

Animal Care Services will partner with Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles to provide a Low Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinic at Scherer Park, 4600 Long Beach Blvd., on the west side of the park near Uptown Dog Park on Thursday, July 2, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, and every subsequent first and third Thursday of the month. Microchipping and licensing your pet are the best way to reunite with your lost pet.

Here’s some tips to keep your pets comfortable during Fourth of July celebrations:

• Isolate your pets indoors and at home, they will be happier and not tempted to try to get away during loud sounds.
• If your dog is crate trained, put him in his crate covered with a blanket to make him feel more secure.
• Create a peaceful environment in your home, play soothing music and lower the blinds to block outside sights and sounds. If your pet seems anxious, spend time with him soothing him with a calm voice.
• A sudden change in your pet’s diet can cause stomach upset, avoid feeding your pet scraps from the grill and other human food. Some foods like onion, avocado, grapes and raisins can be toxic. Pets should never be given bones, especially from chicken.
• Keep your pets away from flames, matches, and lighter fluid.
• Do not spray your pet with insect repellant or sunscreen that is intended for humans, they can be extremely irritating to the stomach, lungs and central nervous system if ingested.
• Even if your pet is indoors with you, double-check yard gates and doors to make sure that pets cannot escape.
• Make certain pets are wearing identification, including the name and current telephone number of the owner. Confirm your pet’s microchip registration information is registered or updated.

Long Beach Animal Care Services will be closed in observation of Independence Day on Saturday, July 4. Officers will be responding 24-hours a day to emergency calls and shelter staff will contact owners of lost pets that have identification tags or microchips. Animals with identification will be held at Animal Care Services for 14 days. Pets without identification will be held for a minimum of six days before being evaluated for adoption.

Anyone whose animal was lost in Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Signal Hill or Cerritos should visit the Long Beach Animal Care Services website at www.LongBeachAnimalCare.com to see the found animals in our care. It is highly recommended residents visit the shelter in person to look through the kennels, lost and found binders, and community boards.

If you haven’t already taken these steps, please visit the LBACS website for information about low cost pet vaccination clinics www.LongBeachAnimalCare.com. Licensing can be purchased at Saturday pet vaccination clinics, in person at the shelter, by mail and for residents of the respective cities; Signal Hill City Hall, Seal Beach Animal Shelter and Cerritos Community Safety.

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