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Long Beach Animal Care Twitter Hashtag to Reunite Owners with Lost Pets

Release Date: 2015-07-02

Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) has launched a new Twitter hashtag to help reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible. The hashtag – #LBLostFoundPets – will be updated every 30 minutes as animals arrive in the shelter or are picked up by officers in the field.

"This tool is a great use of technology, not just for people, but also for their pets. We’re proud that Long Beach Animal Care Services is using this innovative way to help our community," said Mayor Robert Garcia.

People in the community who find a lost pet are encouraged to contact Animal Care Services at 562.570.7387 (PETS), and then use the #LBLostFoundPets hashtag while posting a photo of the animal on social media. The feed is also embedded on the Lost and Found page of the Animal Care Services website, www.LongBeachAnimalCare.com.

In addition to following the Twitter feed, LBACS reminds residents about other methods of reuniting with their pets:

• Visit the kennels in person and ask the staff for access to all areas, including the isolation area where sick or injured animals are housed.
• The Long Beach Animal Care Services Mobile App has a Lost and Found feed, as well as many other great tools.
• A list of all animals currently in the Long Beach shelter is available at www.LongBeachAnimalCare.com.
• A Lost and Found binder in the lobby shows all animals that were picked up, and their disposition. The lobby also has a Lost and Found board where community members who may have found a lost animal can be contacted.

Microchipping and licensing your pet are the best ways to reunite with your lost pet. If you haven’t already taken these steps, please visit the LBACS website for information about low cost pet vaccination clinics where you can purchase a microchip and license at a Long Beach park.

Long Beach Animal Care Services will be closed in observation of Independence Day on Saturday, July 4. Officers will be responding 24-hours a day to emergency calls and shelter staff will contact owners of lost pets that have identification tags or microchips. Animals with identification will be held at Animal Care Services for 14 days. Pets without identification will be held for a minimum of six days before being evaluated for adoption.

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