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I found a baby bird. What should I do?

Release Date: 0001-01-01

This is a question we receive quite often here at the shelter. First, determine if the baby bird is a nestling or a fledgling. 

A nestling is a baby bird that is too young to leave its nest and usually does not have its feathers. Nestlings sometimes fall from their nest. If the nestling is found on the ground, you can help it by returning it to its nest or back to a substitute one so that its parents can continue to raise it.

A fledgling has most of its feathers, can hop around and tries to fly. It is normal for fledglings to come out of the nest a little bit before they can fly and fend for themselves. Its parents are usually very attentive, and if you can observe it from a distance, you will see the parents feeding and encouraging them to fly. The best thing to do for a fledging is to leave it alone, keep cats and dogs inside or on a leash, and keep people and small children away.

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