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Maximum Pets

Number of Household Pets - LBMC 21.51.210

The City of Long Beach Municipal Code 21.51.210 limits the keeping of household pet to the following:

A. Number. 

A total of not more than four weaned household pets may be kept at one site, unless any of the weaned pets are dogs bred pursuant to a permit issued under Section 6.16.190 of this code, in which case all such weaned dogs may be kept at one site until such dogs have reached the age of four months. 

This limitation shall not apply to fish, rodents (other than rabbits), or caged birds (provided the birds are not allowed to fly free and are maintained in accordance with all applicable health regulations).

B. Maintenance. 

Household pets shall be kept in a manner which does not damage or pose hazards to people or property and which does not generate offensive dust, odors or noise.

C. Horses. 

Horses may be kept subject to the provisions of Chapter 21.38 (Horse Overlay District).

D. Other Animals. 

Dangerous or wild animals as defined in Section 6.16.030 of the Municipal Code shall not be kept in any residential zone.

The City of Long Beach Municipal Code 21.15.2030  defines "Household pet" as an animal customarily kept in a house, such as dogs, cats, fish, caged birds, rabbits and the like. No wild, exotic, or livestock animals shall be considered household pets.

The Maximum pets per Household in our contracts cities:
  • Seal Beach- 4 weaned cats/dogs any combo
  • Cerritos- 3 dogs and 5 cats any age
  • Signal Hill- 4 weaned pets any combo
  • Los Alamitos- 3 dogs over 4 months and 3 cats over 4 months