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LBACS ensures “Compassion Saves” by supporting the people and animals of our community through outreach, education, guidance, and support services. We protect shelter animals by creating an environment of care through enrichment and innovative programs.

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The Inaugural Bob Long Memorial Mutt Run is an event that combines the two most effective antidotes for the pandemic blues--running and dogs. 

Long Beach, CA – Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) has partnered with Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA) and Subaru of America to sponsor thirty-one [31] long-term stays and medical underdogs to help find a new home. Eligible pets may receive one [1] full year of PAWP pet emergency care and fast online support courtesy of Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA). Subaru of America will sponsor the $100 adoption fees of the "Underdogs" in partnership with FOLBA and LBACS.

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Although there are currently no reported cases of canine influenza or leptospirosis in Long Beach, an outbreak has been spreading in since mid-July in Los Angeles County, impacting two animal shelters, multiple boarding kennels, dog parks and doggy day care centers, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

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