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Digital Inclusion

Did You Know?

For more information regarding the Long Beach Public Library, please visit: www.lbpl.org.
For more information regarding the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department, please visit: www.longbeach.gov/park.

Cities across America are facing the social issue of digital divide and the City of Long Beach is proud of its efforts in going beyond this conversation and instead is focusing on digital inclusion.  Digital divide conversations tend to focus only on the access available to individuals, whereas we believe digital inclusion is meant to signal a focus on a practical approach that addresses the needs of our community as a whole.

The City of Long Beach has been designated as a Digital Inclusion Trailblazer by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and our approach to promote digital inclusion is through a compilation of the following:

  1. Public Access to Technology
  2. Access to Digital Content
  3. Digital Literacy
  4. Programs and Services

The following consists of some of the items that the City of Long Beach is currently performing to bridge efforts for digital inclusion.

1. The City’s Technology & Innovation Commission (TIC) has prepared a summary report that highlights the quantitative and qualitative community input received from the community-based survey conducted by the TIC in 2018. The survey was translated in multiple languages and distributed at community hubs and community-based organizations. The summary report captures how residents are currently accessing the internet and the barriers they face to connect to internet services. In addition, strategic recommendations to advance Digital Inclusion in Long Beach are also included in the summary report. 

2. Most City residents are within 1 mile of City Provided Wi-Fi. While the City does not provide broadband access for in-home use, the City does provide access to free Wi-Fi through all Library Branches and select parks. The attached map represents the estimated locations of City provided Wi-Fi access points. The City of Long Beach continues to look at innovative approaches and partnerships to provide more access to broadband resources.

3. The Long Beach Public Library has 261 public access PCs within the public library system. Please refer to the list below.

Library Name

Public Wi-Fi?

Public PC Count

Main Library



Alamitos Library



Bach Library



Bay Shore Library



Brewitt Library



Burnett Library



Dana Library



El Dorado Library



Harte Library



Los Altos Library



Mark Twain Library



Michelle Obama Library



4. All 12 City Libraries have been upgraded to an ultrafast 1 Gigabyte Broadband Connection. Over the past year, the Technology & Innovation Department has worked to bring high-speed broadband to all City of Long Beach’s Library Branches.  By connecting these public spaces to CalREN, a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber optic network operated by CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California.  Because libraries are central to their communities, this service will allow Long Beach Library Branches to effectively provide the public with high-performance access to resources that constitute 21st century digital citizenship and the benefits of a digitally empowered population.

5. There are 23 Long Beach community centers where free public Wi-Fi is provided. 

Facility Name


1. Belmont Pool

4000 E Olympic Plaza

2. Bixby Park

130 Cherry Avenue

3. Cesar E. Chavez Park

401 Golden Avenue

4. DeForest Park

6255 De Forest Avenue

5. Drake Park

951 Maine Avenue

6. El Dorado Park

2760 Studebaker Road

7. Houghton Park

6335 Myrthle Avenue

8. King Park

1910 Lemon Avenue

9. Leeway Sailing & Aquatics Center

5437 E. Ocean Boulevard

10. Long Beach Senior Citizens Center

1150 E. 4th Street

11. MacArthur Park

1321 Anaheim Avenue

12. McBride Park

1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

13. Orizaba Park

1435 Orizaba Avenue

14. Ramona Park

3301 E. 65th Street

15. Recreation Park Community Center

4900 E. 7th Street

16. Scherer Park

4600 Long Beach Boulevard

17. Silverado Park

1545 West 31st Street

18. Silverado Pool

1545 West 31st Street

19. Stearns Champions Park

4520 E. 23rd Street

20. Veterans Memorial Park

101 East 28th Street

21. Wardlow Park

3457 Stanbridge Avenue

22. Whaley Park

5620 Atherton Street

23. Harvey Milk Promenade Park

185 E 3rd Street

6. The Long Beach Public Library provides free in-person English and Spanish computer literacy classes. For more information regarding the Long Beach Public Library, please visit: www.lbpl.org.

7. Implementation of the “UpLink” smart corridor project to expand public Wi-Fi access and security cameras along Atlantic Avenue between Jordan High School and Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library.
Along the Atlantic Corridor, there are five new Wi-Fi access points, which can support up to 200 simultaneous users. Users can connect for up to 60 minutes of the Wi-Fi service, and can continue their usage indie the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library using the Library's Wi-Fi service. UpLink is the direct result of the 2015 Participatory Budgeting initiative, which gave 9th District residents the power to decide how to spend a one-time infrastructure funds.