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Long Beach Tree Planting Program

LB Sustainability is proud to support the growth of Long Beach’s urban forest through our tree planting programs! Through these programs, Long Beach residents can have a tree planted in their parkway and/or a fruit tree planted in their front yard for free. Apply for a free tree below:

Fruit Trees Street Trees

Fruit Trees in Front Yards

LB Sustainability is able to offer this program thanks to grant funding from CalFIRE. Applications for fruit trees will be prioritized in neighborhoods with high pollution levels. All Long Beach residents are encouraged to apply, those not in priority neighborhoods will be put on the wait list. View the Priority Neighborhoods Map.

To apply for a fruit tree, please select the tree you would like planted in your front yard from the Fruit Tree List (Spanish/Khmer), fill out the form below and mail the Fruit Tree Waiver (Spanish/Khmer) and Fruit Tree Maintenance Agreement (Spanish/Khmer) to:

Kristyn Payne
City of Long Beach, Office of Sustainability
411 W. Ocean Blvd, 3rd floor
Long Beach CA, 90802

Note: The Fruit Tree Waiver and Fruit Tree Maintenance Agreement must be sent by mail, emailed documents cannot be accepted. These fruit trees are only available for front yards. They are not available for parkways and backyards. If you are interested in receiving a non-fruit tree for your parkway, please see our Street Tree Planting Program below.

Fruit Tree Application Form

Street Trees

Street trees offer a number of benefits to the surrounding community such as improving air quality, urban cooling, reducing stormwater runoff, increasing property values, and many more. That's why the Office of Sustainability is proud to be part of the Tree Partnership.

Note: Planting is put on hold during the summer months when it is too hot for newly planted trees to flourish. Applications received leading up to and during summer months will be eligible for planting in the fall.

To apply for a free parkway tree, follow these steps:

1. Review the City's Policy on Tree Maintenance 

2. Select a tree type from our Approved Tree List

3. Download and complete the following forms:

City's Tree Planting Permit form (Contractor's name "City of Long Beach") and
The Tree Maintenance Agreement Form

Submit by email or mail to:

Kristyn Payne

Office of Sustainability 
Phone: 562-570-5831
411 W. Ocean Blvd., 3rd floor
Long Beach, CA 90802