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Electric Vehicle Charger Giveaway

About the Giveaway


The City of Long Beach is giving away EV chargers free of cost to Long Beach residents who own or lease an electric vehicle, and obtain an electrical permit. Recipients will be responsible for any and all expenses related to completing the electrical work necessary to accommodate the chargers at their homes, including City permit and inspection fees. This giveaway program coincides with the launch of a new expedited permitting process for residents interested in installing a residential EV charging station. Single-family homes and owner-occupied units of multi-family residential projects with 4 units or less may qualify for an Expedited Permit.

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This giveaway program is made possible by a generous donation of KEBA KeContact P20-U chargers (Level 2 - 240 volt/3.3KW) by Mercedes-Benz USA. The donation kindly supports City efforts to expand EV infrastructure and make individual EV chargers more easily available to Long Beach residents.

The Level 2 KEBA chargers can typically deliver a full charge to electric vehicles in six hours or less. Please note the chargers are not considered “all-weather” and will need to be installed in a garage or otherwise protected from the elements. Proper installation is crucial for ensuring a well-functioning device, replacements will only be provided for chargers deemed defective upon installation.

KEBA KeContact P20-U User Manual

KEBA KeContact P20-U Installation Manual  

KEBA KeContact P20 Quick Installation Guide

KEBA KeContact P20 Installation Checklist

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Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply for the giveaway:

The Application and Installation Process

There is no fee to apply for the giveaway. However, any subsequent expenses, such as applying for an electrical permit, hiring a contractor, or scheduling additional site inspections, will be the recipient’s responsibility. Applying for an electrical permit is priced at a minimum of $148, which includes the inspection fee.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete and submit the online EV Charger Giveaway application provided below. For detailed information on the application process, please review the Application and Installation Process below.

Application and Installation Process

  • 1. Apply for EV Giveaway Program
      • Complete the online application below AND
      • Submit signed original EV Charger Giveaway Release and Waiver by mail to:
        City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability, 411 W. Ocean Blvd., 3rd floor, Long Beach, CA 90802
      • Once you have applied for the giveaway program, the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability will place you on a priority list and confirm receipt of your application.
      • Please obtain your Expedited Electrical Permit within 30 days of receiving this confirmation in order to ensure that your reserved charger is still available.

  • 2. Apply and Obtain an Electrical Permit
      • We highly recommend that you contract with a licensed electrician to install the EV charger.
      • To apply for an expedited electrical permit through the City of Long Beach Development Services Department.   
      • Submit these forms in person to the Development Permit Center on the 4th Floor at City Hall - 411 W. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802. Please note that permits are not issued by mail.
        • Building & Permit Information (562) 570-5237
        • Development Permit Center Hours:

          Monday, Tuesday 7:30AM - 4:30PM
          Wednesday 8:30AM - 4:30PM
          Thursday, Friday 7:30AM - 4:30PM

  • 3. Pick Up EV Charger
    • Once you are issued an electrical permit, you may pick up your EV charger from the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability, located at 411 West Ocean Blvd.. In order to receive the charger, you must present your Electrical Permit. 
        • Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
        • Please contact Kristyn Payne at (562) 570-5831 during these hours to schedule a pickup.

  • 4. Install EV Equipment
      • Once Development Services issues your electrical permit, proceed with a qualified electrical contractor to complete the City-permitted electrical work necessary to accommodate the EV charger.

  • 5. Schedule Site Inspection
    • When the permitted electrical work has been completed, you will then schedule a City Inspection. The City Inspector will verify the modifications’ compliance with the electrical code.

For questions please contact Kristyn Payne, by phone: (562) 570-5831, or email: Kristyn.Payne@longbeach.gov

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