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Urban Agriculture

Introducing Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones

The UAIZ program was created by California Assembly Bill No. 551, the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones (UAIZ) Act. This bill empowers California’s cities and counties to pass ordinances aimed at increasing land access for the production of healthy, locally sourced food on underutilized land in underserved areas. Under a UAIZ program, property owners can enter into a 5 year contract to designate their land for agricultural purposes, in return, they are eligible for a reduction in property taxes. This program provides opportunities for economic growth, community development, and increased access to local organic produce. 

The UAIZ ordinance was passed by City Council on October 3rd, and the Long Beach UAIZ program will launch in November.

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Have a vacant lot in mind? It may be eligible!

  • It must be between 0.10 to 3 acres in size, with no habitable structures on site.
  • All on-site structures must be accessory to agricultural use
  • No part of the lot may be listed on the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s EnviroStor Database
  • Must be within Long Beach City limits

Other regulations to consider

  • Must commit entire property to agricultural use for at least five years
  • Contract termination will result in fees to be paid by the owner
  • Must use organic pesticides and fertilizers that meet USDA standards 

The Office of Sustainability is compiling a list of residents, community organizations, local farmers, and vacant lot owners who are interested in participating. If you’d like to be involved in this program, or want to learn more, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Regulations for Garden Goats, Backyard Hens and Busy Bees

On July 14th 2015 Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve an update to the City’s municipal code that would ease restrictions on residents who wish to keep chickens, goats, or bees on their property. The new regulations are summarized below.

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Up to 4 hives may be kept at least ten feet from all property lines. Beehives must be screened so that bees must fly over a six-foot barrier, which may be vegetative, before leaving the property or be placed at least eight feet above the adjacent ground level. Hives do not require permits, but must be registered with Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture. A water source for bees shall be provided at all times on the property where the bees are kept.


Up to four chicken may be kept at least ten feet from neighboring residence without a permit or inspection. If keeping five or more, an annual permit from Animal Care Services and pre-inspection is required with the following specifications:

5 to 10 may be kept at least 35 feet from neighboring residence

11 to 20 may be kept at least 50 feet from neighboring residence

Chicken owners must provide an outdoor enclosure and shelter for their birds, with the enclosure being at least ten square feet of permeable land per chicken.


All goats must be licensed annually by Animal Care Services, permitted and micro-chipped.

Exactly (no more and no less than) two goats may be kept. Goats must be neutered if male, and must be kept at least ten feet away from neighboring homes. Products produced are for personal consumption only.