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April is Earth Month and the City of Long Beach is asking residents to take the #GoGreenPledge to help protect the environment. Choose just one, or commit to all six pledges for one month. Prizes will be raffled to pledge participants each week and at the end of the month.

"Historic Past - Innovative Present - Sustainable Future"

The City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability was created to facilitate the process of developing and implementing model sustainability programs and provide leadership and support for practical solutions to improve the environment.

Discover our Sustainable City Action Plan which defines the goals for a more sustainable Long Beach by 2020.

Explore our programs providing sustainable products, activities, and educational opportunities to Long Beach residents. 

Latest News

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City tree-planting offers aren’t unusual, but Long Beach has found a winning twist in its new fruit-tree planting program.
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The Office of Sustainability continues to expand its programs and services to Long Beach residents in 2019.
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Long Beach businesses that commit to environmental and sustainable practices are not only being recognized by their community, they’re now certifiably green. 
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