I-710 Long Beach Freeway

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I-710 Corridor Update (provided by Metro)

I-710 Major Corridor Study- Final Report (March 2005)

  Long Beach City Council I-710 Oversight Committee (Background Summary)
James Johnson
Chair Councilmember
7th District
Robert Garcia 
1st District
Steven Neal 
9th District

The Long Beach City Council I-710 Oversight Committee was appointed on June 17, 2003, charged with the responsibility of addressing the significant policy issues that the City faces regarding the improvements to the I-710 Freeway. This Committee began working with residents and businesses along the I-710 Corridor to develop a solution for improving the I-710 Freeway that serves both the traveling public and the residents and businesses that are most impacted by the I-710 Freeway.

Long Beach residents first voiced their concerns during the I-710 Major Corridor Study, a multi-agency regional study charged with developing an overall strategy to improve the I-710 Freeway from the Port to the I-60 Freeway. That study, which had identified hundreds of homes in Long Beach to be taken, has been set aside and a new process is underway to allow greater input from all of the communities along this 18-mile corridor.

The I-710 Oversight Committee has hosted 20 community meetings and workshops since August 2003, which have been attended by hundreds of Long Beach residents. The meetings were designed to gain input and to share information regarding the concerns of those most impacted by the operation of the I-710 Freeway.

Toward that end, this systems approach, along with the recommendations that have been collected regarding the community’s concerns, have been and will continue to be a part of the City’s I-710 Locally Preferred Strategy. For the most up to date information, please visit the links above.

Maps depicting various improvements of the I-710 Project
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Illustrated Map of Proposed Improvements
Locally Preferred Strategy Map June 16
Map of Improvements from 405 Interchange to North City Limits
Map of Improvements from Ocean Blvd to Willow Street
Map of Improvements from Willow Street to 405 Interchange
Various Presentations from the I-710 Oversight Committee
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June 16, 2004 I-710 Presentation
March 18, 2004 I-710 Presentation