Requirements for qualification for the City-funded disabled parking zone service:

Any person who has been issued a special identification license plate pursuant to Vehicle Code section 5007 or a distinguishing placard pursuant to Vehicle Code section 22511.55 or 22511.59 may apply to the city traffic engineer for the designation of an of on street parking space as a parking space reserved for disabled persons.

Thank you for your interest in, on street disabled parking zone. Below find an "application for on-street handicapped parking zone" for you to download, complete and return to our office. Please take the time to thoroughly complete each of the seven sections of the application. Incomplete applications will delay processing.

Section 10.34.025 of the Long Beach Municipal Code requires that a disabled zone applicant certify that no existing on street or off street parking space meets his or her parking needs. Section four of the application provides an opportunity for you to make such a certification by explaining why available parking near your home is not adequate. Applications without a reasonable explanation or certification will be denied.

Although disabled zones are installed upon request, such designated zones on public property are not reserved for the applicant. Any
motorist who displays a valid disabled parking placard or appropriate DP License plate may park in any disabled parking space located on public property.

You may forward the completed application to our office by any convenient means, such as mail, fax at (562) 570-7161, or hand delivery. It is our goal to complete the processing of completed applications within 30 days. If your application is approved it may take up to 90 days after approval before the zone is actually installed. If you would like to check on the status of your request, please call (562) 570-6331.

Thank you again for this opportunity to be of service.

Complete the On-Street Disabled-Accessible Parking Zone Application. Provide a copy of your DMV identification receipt, and a note from your physician confirming your disability.

Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Application/Renewal

Certain overweight vehicles operating in the City of Long Beach require an Overweight Vehicle Special Permit (OVSP). An OVSP is required for motor vehicles that transport ocean-shipping containers with reducible loads and have a total weight of greater than 80,000 pounds. The maximum total weight allowed under this permit is 95,000 pounds. The approved overweight vehicle routes are shown on the attached Overweight Vehicle Special Permit Routes map. An OVSP is obtained from the Director of Public Works, City of Long Beach.

To obtain a new or renew an Overweight Vehicle Special Permit:

1. Read and follow the requirements of the OVSP rider.

2. Complete one OVSP application form for each drive vehicle to be permitted and have each one signed by a company officer.

3. Provide a CHP 407F vehicle inspection report from the Department of California Highway Patrol. See No. 4 of the OVSP rider.

4. Provide proof of vehicle liability insurance that lists each drive vehicle by license number or VIN number. Provide 30-days notification of cancellation by striking out "endeavor to" and "but failure to do so... representatives." Failure to do so will delay the issuance of the permit. See No. 7 of the OVSP rider. Also include your Federal Tax I.D. Number on the insurance certificate.

5. Provide the appropriate permit fee. See No. 11 of the OVSP rider.

One calendar year $90.00 Single trip $16.00

April - December $67.50

July - December $45.00

October - December $22.50

6. Please mail all completed forms and requirements to the attention of Linda Thompson at:

Department of Public Works, Traffic and Transportation Bureau

333 West Ocean Boulevard, 10th floor

Long Beach, CA 90802

If you have any questions, please call Linda Thompson at (562) 570-6558 or fax (562) 570-7161.