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Best Management Practice (BMP) means any program, technology, process siting criteria, operational methods, or engineered systems which, when implemented, prevents, controls, removes or reduces pollution.

Source Control BMP means any schedule of activities, prohibitions of practices, maintenance procedures, managerial practices or operational practices that aim to prevent storm water pollution by reducing the potential for contamination at the source of pollution. (Example: water conservation and applying pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on an "AS NEEDED" basis only)

Structural BMP means any structural facility designed and constructed to mitigate the adverse impacts of storm water and urban runoff. (Example:: canopy and/or pump station)

Treatment Control BMP means any engineered system designed to remove pollutants by simple gravity settling of particulate pollutants, filtration, biological uptake, media absorption or any other physical, biological, or chemical process. (Example: grassy swale)

For more detailed information please see Section 5 of the LBSWMP or review Chapter 18.95 (NPDES & SUSMP REGULATIONS) of the Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC).