Traffic and Transportation Bureau

The purpose of the Traffic & Transportation Bureau is to provide planning, programming, engineering, operations, and maintenance services to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists so they can enjoy a safe, efficient, and sustainable multi-modal transportation system.

Traffic Engineering
The Traffic Engineering Division consists of two sections. The Design and Construction section is responsible for monitoring the timing of approximately 550 traffic signals citywide; preparing and reviewing design plans for roadway striping, traffic signal installations and upgrades and speed humps; and reviewing traffic control requirements for utility work. The Investigations section is responsible for traffic safety investigations and records maintenance; conducting stop sign and traffic signal warrant studies, coordinating with Long Beach Unified School District on school traffic safety issues, periodically updating speed limit, parking and other traffic regulation issues; processing requests from constituents for parking regulations such as driveway red-tipping, commercial loading (yellow & white) zones, and time limit parking (green) zones; and preparing parking regulations for oversized vehicles (RV's, large commercial Semi-trailer/tractors, unattached trailers, etc.).

Traffic Operations
The Operations Division is responsible for keeping the city's 550 traffic signals operating 24 hours a day and the maintenance of nearly 3600 parking meters. This division provides traffic signal maintenance and parking meter maintenance and collection support to the entire city (Belmont Shore and all the Marine Bureau area parking lots included) and the City of Seal Beach. Operations is also responsible for maintaining the city's street signs, street striping and legends, red/green/white and blue curbs, and thermoplastic applications throughout the city. The Division also provides support to the Police and Fire Department; emergency response to storms and accidents, and the annual Long Beach Grand Prix.

Transportation Programs
The Programs Division is responsible for administering city allocated transportation funding programs totaling $10 million annually, interagency coordination, processing contractor/vendor related agreement requirements, preparing funding grant applications, the preparation of transportation plans and conduct of various administrative traffic and transportation related activities. The Division also administers the annual Rideshare Survey required by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, to promote ridesharing and carpooling to reduce emissions in the city in particular and the Los Angeles basin in general.

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