Fleet Services Bureau

The purpose of the Fleet Services Bureau is to provide vehicle and equipment acquisitions, preventative maintenance, unscheduled repair and fueling services to City departments so they can have safe, reliable cost effective equipment and vehicles to accomplish their operational goals and purpose.

Fleet Operations
The Fleet Operations Division is responsible for the administration and support of the Bureau’s budget, personnel, fueling, billing and operational needs of its staff.

Fleet Acquisitions
The Fleet Acquisitions Division is responsible for acquiring, replacing and supporting departments with their vehicle/equipment needs. It is necessary to accelerate the replacement of vehicles to decrease the age of the fleet whenever possible.

Fleet Maintenance
The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s fleet of vehicles/equipment to ensure that they are in proper working condition.

Towing Operations and Lien Sales
The Towing Operations and Lien Sales Division is responsible for providing tow response, roadside assistance, unclaimed vehicle disposition and impounded vehicle storage and release services to Police and other City departments.