Environmental Services
The purpose of the Environmental Services Bureau is to provide refuse and recycling collections, public education services, ensure compliance of solid waste laws and regulations, provide street sweeping and enforce parking restrictions so that the City’s residents and businesses can live and work in safe and healthy neighborhoods.

Refuse and Recycling Division

  • The Refuse/Recycling Division provides the residents and businesses with a comprehensive range of refuse disposal and waste management planning services. Types of refuse services include dumped item collections, special collections, electronic waste, and distribution of refuse carts. The division has its own customer service hotline to handle all requests for residential and commercial accounts.
  • The division provides recycling programs, educational programs, public outreach, and litter abatement to enforce State and Federal laws. In FY 07, the recycling program was expanded to collect additional plastics, expanding the list to plastics stamped with 1 thru 7. The division also provides educational programs to the community. The Traveling Educational Center (TREC) and “Lunch with the Lizard” (LWL) visits elementary schools to educate students on the importance of recycling. LWL uses a mascot, a lizard, to teach young students about the hazards of littering. In addition, composting and vericomposting classes are also available throughout the year.

Street Sweeping and Parking Control Division

  • The Street Sweeping/Parking Control Division provides street debris removal and parking control services. Weekly street sweeping improves the cleanliness, health and safety of the City. It also prevents debris from entering storm drains and helps maintain compliance with State and Federal laws.