Engineering Bureau

The Engineering Bureau is responsible for the design, maintenance, and operation of City owned streets, alleys, street trees, streetlights, and storm drains. The Bureau also provides design and construction services for the various capital improvement projects through-out the City and maintains the record drawings for these improvements. In addition the Bureau regulates and issues permits for any construction work or other usage of City owned rights of way.

Project Development Division

  • Infrastructure, Airport, and Marina Design Projects
  • Special Studies
  • Infrastructure Asset Management, Inventory, and Condition Reports
  • Project Management Services
  • Coordinate approvals of parcel maps, tentative & final maps, lot line adjustments and certificates of compliance
  • Review onsite and off-site grading and drainage plans for development projects
  • Ensure off-site improvements are constructed in conjunction with subdivisions
  • Plan check developer’s plans for off-site improvements
  • Review and coordinated right-of-way issues
  • Maintain Pavement Management System
  • Identify project options, develop a project scope, conduct feasibility analyses, create plans, specifications and estimates for capital improvement projects in the areas of Airports, assessment districts, bridges, marinas, local streets, major streets and highways and storm drains

Construction Management Division

  • Issue Public Works improvement permits, excavation permits for pipelines, monitoring wells and conduits, temporary street occupancy permits, sidewalk dining permits and overweight vehicle permits
  • Provide construction inspection services and monitoring to ensure that projects are constructed in accordance with design parameters and specifications
    • Maintain benchmarks for subsidence leveling, elevation control, centerline monuments for property line determination
    • Survey track maps and parcel maps submitted by public for subdivisions
    • Maintain survey documents for public
    • Provide survey support to city construction projects
    • Maintain maps, engineering drawings, and specifications for public use
  • Provide flood hazard information to the public
  • Provide sewer, water, and gas utility locations to the public
  • Maintain Public Works GIS layers
  • Utilize Public Works GIS layers to identify conflict with excavation permits
  • Coordinate easement dedications and vacation requests from the public
  • Maintain pipeline safety certification information
  • Collect pipeline franchise fees

Stormwater Management Division

  • Coordinate and Implement the Requirements of the City’s Municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit
  • Coordinate procedures to detect and remove illicit discharges and illicit connections to the City’s storm drain system
  • Help developers and property owners to comply with the City’s Municipal (NPDES) Permit
  • Assist City departments with the development and implementation of programs which have the goal of reducing the amount of pollutants that enter the City’s receiving waters
  • Educate and conduct training about the impacts of storm water and urban pollution and to involve the general public
  • Operate and maintain the City’s storm drain system

Street Maintenance Division

  • Trim trees in residential areas and business districts on a request or planned for basis
  • Remove dead and diseased trees in residential and business districts
  • Repair potholes in City streets and alleys
  • Respond to after-hour emergencies
  • Assist Police and Fire Departments with traffic control in emergency and/or planned for basis
  • Provide traffic control for special events
  • Construct temporary repairs to curb, gutter and sidewalks
  • Maintain and operate City owned street lights