Business Operations Bureau

Business Operations Bureau provides central administrative support coordination and direction for the entire department.

Budget Services Division
The Budget Services Division oversees the management of Public Works' diverse financial resources, comprised of the annual operating budget, multi-year Capital Improvement Program, and grants. Budget Services ensures development, implementation, and enforcement of administration policies and procedures as they related to fiscal oversight and asset management.

Personnel Management
The Personnel Services Division provides centralized personnel and payroll support to the department's five bureas and 700 employees. To this end, the staff is responsible for managing the hiring/requisition process, including processing new employees, workers' compensation and return-to-work program management, payroll and timecard entry, Civil Service Exam laision, discipline/complaint investigations, labor relations, EEO compliance, and ensures that personnel practices are uniform and consistent.

Safety & Disaster Preparedness
The Safety & Disaster Preparedness Division provides a safe and hazard-free workplace for employees, provides leadership for the effective delivery and continuous improvement of safety, and to actively foster and promote a safe culture. In addition, the division helps to incorporate and coordinate all the facilities and personnel of the Department into an efficient organization capable of responding to any disaster utilizing the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

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