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Photo Red Light Camera Program
The City of Long Beach, in cooperation with the Long Beach Police Department, has implemented a photo red light camera program. The program is designed to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by running red lights.

Citizens will see signs posted at several intersections throughout the City to notify drivers of the program. The intersections with the highest number of accidents attributed to running red lights have been identified. Those intersections are:

•7th St./Redondo Ave.
•Bellflower Blvd./Willow St.
•Cherry Ave./Artesia Blvd.
•Wardlow Rd./Long Beach Blvd.
•Anaheim St./Long Beach Blvd.

Since Long Beach has implemented this program, there has been an estimated 35% reduction of "red light" related accidents at these locations.

Other cities like Beverly Hills, San Diego and Oxnard have been operating a photo red light camera program with much success. Statistics have shown that the accident rate due to running red lights has reduced since the inception of this program.

For more information on Photo Enforcement, contact a detective at (562) 570-6554.