Each day, police officers come into contact with economically disadvantaged families. The holiday season can be difficult on these families who can barely pay for life's necessities, not to mention a little extra for themselves and their children during this time of year.

Each December, we conduct an outreach program called "Toy Patrol" which is an opportunity for the community, businesses, and individuals to partner with us in assisting these families. Officers and other individuals deliver gifts to over 1000 children. The children are thrilled, and the parents are grateful to the point of tears. It isĀ a very heartwarming experience for allĀ involved.

We are only able to do this through the generous support of individuals and businesses who donate to the program. We do not use any City funds to purchase gifts for this program. All families who receive gifts through the Toy Patrol are Long Beach families who officers have come into contact through their daily calls for service, many of whom are victims of crime.