Bounce House / Inflatable Vendors

To obtain information on selecting and booking a Bounce House, Jumper or Inflatable, please contact the Department's Reservations Office at (562) 570-3111

Bounce House / Inflatable Vendor listing do not allow the following:

Note: The following items are prohibited, unless Permitted in advance by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine:

      • Inflatable "Rock Climbing Walls"
      • Petting Zoos (requires additional approvals)
      • Game Trucks (requires additional approvals)
      • Concessions (requires additional approvals)

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    AAAA Jumpers(Jump O' Rama Inflatables, Inc) -
    (714) 521-1963
    Insurance Expires: 12/6/2015

    All City Party -
    (562) 438-8700
    Insurance Expires: 9/21/2015

    B.R. Party Rental -
    (323) 907-0757
    Insurance Expires: 2/17/2016

    Cindy's Jumpers -
    (562) 841-7719
    Insurance Expires: 8/21/2015
    El Dorado Concessions/Snack Attack
    (562) 824-7717
    Insurance Expires: 6/1/2015

    Fun Services -
    (800) 300-6380
    Insurance Expires: 3/9/2016

    Ibarra Party Rents
    (323) 243-2995
    Insurance Expires: 7/12/2015

    Jump For All -
    (562) 926-9442
    Insurance Expires: 10/3/2015

    Jump For Fun -
    (800) 281-6792
    Insurance Expires: 2/28/2016

    Long Beach Party Jumpers (TJ's Party Jumpers) -
    (562) 852-5867
    Insurance Expires: 5/24/2015

    Team Play Events/Keystone Group-
    Phone: (818) 889-3336
    Insurance Expires: 4/1/2016

    Major Jumpers & Entertainment -
    (323) 399-2533
    Insurance Expires: 3/1/2016

    Orange County Jumpers, LLC -
    (714) 842-2220
    Insurance Expires: 2/3/2016

    Party Pronto -
    (626) 821-0200
    Insurance Expires: 12/7/2015
    Party On! Rentals -
    (323) 200-0744
    Insurance Expires: 12/31/2015
    Wow Party Rental, Inc. -
    (888) 969-3070
    Insurance Expires: 4/1/2016
    Moon bounce vendors cannot drive on park turf to deliver the moon bounce. Please plan your party near park access roads if you are reserving a moon bounce.
    *Canopies bigger thanĀ 20X40 have to be approved by the Fire Department.

    Please Note:
    Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the City of Long Beach. Companies on this list have provided the City evidence of liability insurance, which has been approved as sufficient by the City's Risk Manager. Should you wish to use the services of a company that is not on this list, please have a company representative call the Department's Contract Management Division at (562) 570-3157. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a new company to become available for your use.

    Information for Moon Bounce Vendors:
    (downloadable PDF files)

    List last updated (5/10/15)