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About The Network

The Long Beach Youth Services NETWORK is an open, inclusive organization of youth service providers in the Long Beach area. The NETWORK is staffed by the City's Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine, Youth Services Division and is free to participants. Among the benefits of participating in the NETWORK are gaining awareness and understanding of the issues relevant in the community, education about the programs and services provided by others, notification of time-sensitive youth service opportunities, listings in directories and web sites, and, of course, networking with one another. Please join us!

Tasks of the Youth Services Network

Educate youth service providers about other program and service providers, and time-sensitive youth service opportunities.

Identify the community youth profile, service gaps and barriers to services to assist program development by program providers.

Facilitate a greater understanding of the youth issues relevant in the community through discussion, guest speakers, and group panels at monthly NETWORK meetings.

Provide an opportunity to network with other service and program providers through participation at monthly NETWORK meetings.

Advocate for youth service programs, partnerships, and issues by presenting a united organization of youth services.

Advise the community leaders of issues critical to the success of Long Beach youth.

Statement of Purpose

Our mission is to maintain a forum for public, private and nonprofit youth-serving agencies to work together on behalf of the youth of Long Beach. We share our respective visions, programs, expectations and obstacles and identify partnership opportunities. We provide leadership on issues of local and regional significance to improve the quality and quantity of youth and family services through collaboration, education, training and assistance.

The Parks, Recreation & Marine staff solicit support from an Executive Planning Committee made up of representatives from various agencies and components of the youth service delivery system, in order to guide the direction of the NETWORK.

This is your NETWORK. If you would like to educate the group about a topic, program, or concern in the community, distribute information related to youth services, or conduct surveys or gather input and resource information, please feel free to contact staff at (562) 570-3536.

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