Long Beach Mural Arts Program

Street murals are perhaps the most "public" of the visual arts. Passionately rendered in the forms of many cultures, they stand as a witness to the lives of the people who populate the neighborhoods of Long Beach. Each is a story, a voice raised and a visual tribute. Each celebrates the roots of diverse cultures and traditions blended and shaped to create our contemporary communities.

In Long Beach, it is the city's Mural and Cultural Arts Program that has been the guiding hand in the creation of dozens of murals throughout the city.

On walls that were once empty or filled with graffiti, murals of astonishing power express stories from the surrounding neighborhoods. These murals capture the richness of human lives and the city's historic role in commerce and industry. The process of mural making builds understanding, and, through it, neighborhoods reclaim cultural roots. In reflecting the citys diversity, these murals stand as a force for unity. The showcase highlights eight of the many murals created in this project.