Silverado Park Pool
1540 West 32nd Street
(562) 570-1721
Map to the Park


The Silverado Pool Swimming Pool is a year-round, indoor 25-meter

pool with water temperature maintained at a comfortable 83-84
Children must be at least 42" tall or accompanied by an
adult in the
water. Swimsuits are required. Infants must wear
"swim diapers".
Schedule is effective from September 8 to December 19 and may be subject to change.


Youth (17 years and under): $2.00

Adults (18 years and over): $3.00

Seniors (50 years and over): $2.00

Tickets books: Discount tickets are available at the pool office. Each

ticket book contains 25 passes. Adult $65 /Youth $40. We do not offer


Activity Days Times Ages
Adult Lap Swim M/W/F 12am- 2pm Adult
M/W 6pm - 7pm Adult
Lap Swim M/W/F 6:30am-10:30am Adult
Sat 12pm -1pm Adult
Su 8am - 11am Adult
Rec. Swim M/W 2pm - 3:30pm All
Rec. Swim Sat 1pm - 3:30pm All

Shallow Water Exercise is free for Seniors over 50 and $3.00 for Adults under 50.
Deep Water Exercise is $2.00 for Seniors over 50 and $3.00 for Adults under 50.

SWIMMING CLASSES - Mondays & Wednesday Evenings

The following are conducted during two-week sessions. Registration is

held in person at the pool on Saturday prior to class session 8:00 am to

12:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm during the first week of class. Fees

are:Youth, $40; Adults, $50. Please make check payable to the CITY OF

LONG BEACH. Refunds for classes will only be granted prior to the first

class meeting, with a $12 service charge assessed. If you are unsure of

the level for which to sign-up, call or stop by the pool to arrange for a

swim test prior to classes starting. Note: Schedule and fees may be

subject to change.

Registration Session Session
Oct 8 -15 M/W Classes Oct 13 Thur Nov 12
Nov 12 -19 M/W Classes Nov 17 Thur Dec 17
Activity Times Required Times Required
Pre-K Aquatics 1 4pm 3-5 yrs
Pre-K Aquatics 2 4pm Pre - K 1
Level 1 4:30pm 6yrs - Adult
Level 2 4:30pm Pass level 1
Level 3 5pm Pass level 2
Level 4 5pm Pass level 3
Level 5 5:30pm Pass level 4
Level 6 5:30pm Pass level 5
Parent/Child 1 & 2 6pm 6 mo - 3yrs
Adult 6pm 5yrs - Adult


The following are conducted in a ten-week session on Saturdays.

Registration is held in person at the pool the Saturday prior to the first

day of class, 8:00 am - 12 pm. Session One begins January 4 and

ends March 8. Sesison two begins March 15 and ends May 17.

Youth $40 /Adults $50.
Five Week Saturday Prices:

Youth $18.5 / Adult
$22.50 for second 5 weeks sessions.

Activity Times Required
Adults (beginner) 8:30am All Levels
Adults (Intermediate) 8:30am All Levels
Parent/Child 1&2 9:00am 6mo - 3yrs
Pre K Aquatics 1 9:30am 3-5yrs
Pre K Aquatics 2 9:30am Pre - K 1
Level 1 10:00am,11:30am 6yrs -17yrs
Level 2 10:00am,11:30am Pass Level 1
Level 3 10:30am Pass Level 2
Level 4 10:30am Pass Level 3
Level 5 11:00am Pass Level 4
Level 6 11:00am Pass Level 5


Instructor Robert Bruce Hirschhorn has 31 years experience specializing

in early childhood water safety, adult beginners & special needs students

of all ages. The fee for 5 (five) 20-minute private lessons is $175.

Lessons are by appointment only and are conducted M/W/F/Sa/Su. Call

(562) 431-4080 for information regarding this program.

We offer a full set of Universal equipment and two Lifecycles. The weight
room is open during the above hours of operation. Fees are the same as
pool use and include pool entry. Users must be 18 years of age and wear
closed toe shoes and T-shirts.