Silverado Park Pool
1540 West 32nd Street
(562) 570-1721
Map to the Park


The Silverado Pool Swimming Pool is a year-round, indoor 25-meter

pool with water temperature maintained at a comfortable 83-84
Children must be at least 42" tall or accompanied by an
adult in the
water. Swimsuits are required. Infants must wear
"swim diapers".
Schedule is effective from September 8 to December 19 and may be subject to change.


Youth (17 years and under): $2.00

Adults (18 years and over): $3.00

Seniors (50 years and over): $2.00

Tickets books: Discount tickets are available at the pool office. Each

ticket book contains 25 passes. Adult $65 /Youth $40. We do not offer


Activity Days Times Ages
Adult Lap Swim M/W/F 12am- 2pm Adult
M/W 6pm - 7pm Adult
Lap Swim M/W/F 6:30am-10:30am Adult
Sat 12pm -1pm Adult
Su 8am - 11am Adult
Rec. Swim M/W 2pm - 3:30pm All
Rec. Swim Sat 1pm - 3:30pm All

Water Exercise Classes
Shallow Water Exercise is free for Seniors over 50 and $3.00 for Adults under 50.
Deep Water Exercise is $2.00 for Seniors over 50 and $3.00 for Adults under 50.

SWIMMING CLASSES - Mondays & Wednesday Evenings

The following are conducted during two-week sessions. Registration is

held in person at the pool on Saturday prior to class session 8:00 am to

12:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm during the first week of class. Fees

are:Youth, $40; Adults, $50. Please make check payable to the CITY OF

LONG BEACH. Refunds for classes will only be granted prior to the first

class meeting, with a $12 service charge assessed. If you are unsure of

the level for which to sign-up, call or stop by the pool to arrange for a

swim test prior to classes starting. Note: Schedule and fees may be

subject to change.

Registration Session Session
Oct 8 -15 M/W Classes Oct 13 Thur Nov 12
Nov 12 -19 M/W Classes Nov 17 Thur Dec 17
Activity Times Required Times Required
Pre-K Aquatics 1 4pm 3-5 yrs
Pre-K Aquatics 2 4pm Pre - K 1
Level 1 4:30pm 6yrs - Adult
Level 2 4:30pm Pass level 1
Level 3 5pm Pass level 2
Level 4 5pm Pass level 3
Level 5 5:30pm Pass level 4
Level 6 5:30pm Pass level 5
Parent/Child 1 & 2 6pm 6 mo - 3yrs
Adult 6pm 5yrs - Adult


The following are conducted in a ten-week session on Saturdays.

Registration is held in person at the pool the Saturday prior to the first

day of class, 8:00 am - 12 pm. Session One begins January 4 and

ends March 8. Sesison two begins March 15 and ends May 17.

Youth $40 /Adults $50.
Five Week Saturday Prices:

Youth $18.5 / Adult
$22.50 for second 5 weeks sessions.

Activity Times Required
Adults (beginner) 8:30am All Levels
Adults (Intermediate) 8:30am All Levels
Parent/Child 1&2 9:00am 6mo - 3yrs
Pre K Aquatics 1 9:30am 3-5yrs
Pre K Aquatics 2 9:30am Pre - K 1
Level 1 10:00am,11:30am 6yrs -17yrs
Level 2 10:00am,11:30am Pass Level 1
Level 3 10:30am Pass Level 2
Level 4 10:30am Pass Level 3
Level 5 11:00am Pass Level 4
Level 6 11:00am Pass Level 5


Instructor Robert Bruce Hirschhorn has 31 years experience specializing

in early childhood water safety, adult beginners & special needs students

of all ages. The fee for 5 (five) 20-minute private lessons is $175.

Lessons are by appointment only and are conducted M/W/F/Sa/Su. Call

(562) 431-4080 for information regarding this program.