Teen Programs

Our Mission Statement

To provide personal, social and recreational programs to teens in a safe and positive environment that will enhance personal and social skills, teach responsibility and leadership, and promote individual self esteem.

Open Monday - Friday, after school.

Open to teens (13-18 years old) who live in Long Beach or attend a Long Beach School. Student ID or proof of residency required.

The city of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department is leading the way in programming for teens. Within walking distance of area high schools at five local parks, Teen Centers cover every corner of the City. Activity-filled calendars are panned for fun, exercise, building confidence, growing friendships, and discovering talents. The doors are open for teens in Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine.

Have Some Fun

You deserve it! Let your hair down! Pull out all the stops! We've got Disco Days, Hoop Shoots, Tournaments, Arts & Crafts and After-Game Dances (Open to high school students from school served. Student ID required.)

Go Where The Action Is!

Get out of the house. You and your friends belong where the action is: at Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Teen Center. There are Games (Video, Ping Pong, Pool Tables), Television, Movies, Camping Trips, Day Trips to Amusement Parks and more!

Find A Job

Need ways to earn some extra cash? With parent and school permission, teens 14-19 years can look for a job. Visit the Teen Centers for help. Check out the Job Board and Employment Services at your Teen Center.

Use Your Brain!

It's a fact of life. We've all got to go to school, so deal with it! Come to a quite place where you can do your assignments and get some help. Most facilities have Libraries and Study Rooms, Computer Labs, Homework Help, and numerous Classes and Workshops available.

Get Involved In Your Community

Be part of something big. Help Others. Learn job skills. Participate in a Volunteer Advisory Committee or other Volunteer Opportunities. Parents can get involved too, with the Parent Advisory Council.

Sports Action

Pick your sport. Play hard. Your local teen center offers Pickup Games, Tournaments, and Intramural Games between other Teen Centers in town.