Sleepy Hollow Greenbelt
47th Pl Pacific Ave to Rio Ave.
(562) 570-3100
(5.4 acres)


    This long, narrow area provides a ribbon of green space for residents to enjoy.


    The Union Pacific Railroad crosses much of north Long Beach on an elevated berm at an angle to the underlying street grid. As a condition of expanding service into the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (Ports) in 1994, the Ports acquired the right-of-way land, and installed noise buffers and landscaping. West of Long Beach Boulevard, in the community known as Sleepy Hollow, the berm runs parallel to 47th Street, with no development between the approximately 20 feet of right-of-way between the berm and the street. When the right-of-way was landscaped, this created a greenbelt, which the City maintains. Between Long Beach Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard, the same condition occurs for a short distance along 49th Street.


    Green Space.

    Map to the Park

    Sleepy Hollow Greenbelt