Marine Stadium History

In 1997, temporary parking lot/grandstands on the north shore was replaced with turf. In 2008, a weekly Farmer’s Market began in the parking lot in the southwest corner.

In 2007, the Rowing Center expanded to meet the increasing popularity of the venue and to accommodate new teen and disable rowing programs. Facility users raised much of the funding for the expansion, with the remainder from the Tidelands Fund.

In 2009, two restrooms on the south side were replaced with modular restrooms. The fence separating the residential neighborhood from the Stadium was removed and partially replaced with a decorative fence where residents preferred the separation.

Planned for 2009 is the beginning of the Termino Avenue Drain project where an expanded storm drain line will be built from approximately Anaheim Street and outflow into Marine Stadium (instead of the current outflow into Colorado Lagoon). The north end of Marine Stadium is a popular location for Municipal Band concerts.

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