Marine Stadium
5255 Paoli Way
(562) 570-3215
106.4 acres)


    One of the world's premier water skiing facilities. Sand beach, rest rooms, picnicking and ample parking. A great location to rent for a special event. Rates are available on request. The stadium was the site for the 1932 Olympic Rowing competition and the 1968 Olympic rowing trials. Marine Stadium was recently designated as an official state historic site.

    Water skiing is permissible in designated areas only between 8 a.m. and sunset.
    Rowing is allowed from sunrise to 8 a.m. Before sunrise and after sunset, rowing is allowed only with the proper running lights and observing the 5 mile per hour speed limit.

    The Southern California Speedboat Club (SCSC) has been putting on professional power boat races at Marine Stadium since 1946. SCSC continues that great tradition with the annual SEA FESTIVAL event "The Long Beach Sprint Nationals" held annually in August. Race teams from across the nation converge on the "birthplace" of powerboat racing on the West Coast to try to capture the National Championship at world famous Long Beach Marine Stadium. From flatbottoms to tunnel boats and everything in between the Long Beach Sprint Nationals has become once again a great annual event that local residents and fans alike look forward to at the "stadium". For more information please visit

    Marine Stadium Hotline:
    570-3203 for information on closures due to special events.


    Located in Alamitos Bay southeast from Loynes Drive at Marina Vista Park, the site was acquired in 1923 in a purchase that included Recreation Park and Colorado Lagoon. The original Alamitos Bay estuary land was dredged to create Marine Stadium in 1925 and extended in 1932 to for the 1932 Olympics Rowing Events. More...


    Launch your boats for a $10 launching fee.

    Map to the Park

    Marine Stadium