Chittick Field
1900 Walnut Avenue
(562) 570-1732
(18.9 acres)


    Located at Walnut Avenue, north of Pacific Coast Highway, Chittick Field has a lighted soccer field that is used by permitted groups. For more information, please call the Department's Aquatics and Sports office at 570-1725.


    Located at Walnut Avenue north of Pacific Coast Highway, Chittick Field was developed in 1936 as a flood detention basin to collect and pump out peak flows as downstream facilities are able to handle the volume. In 1950, Los Angeles County Flood Control District allowed the City to improve the flood basin for recreational purposes. Four baseball diamonds were built. Approvals were granted in 1962 for a 5th diamond and an overlay soccer field, and in 1975 for soccer field irrigation and unpaved parking. In 1977, lighting for the four original fields was added.

    Chittick Field was originally called Hamilton Bowl. The name was suggested by students from Hamilton Jr. High School, which was located nearby. Brian Chittick, founder of the Kid Baseball Association was a local softball enthusiast who organized leagues through the Long Beach Elks Club and used Hamilton Bowl for practices and games. He advocated for the use of the basin for recreational purposes. In 1983, the fields were named for him.

    In 1993, soccer field lights were added as a payment for Park Impact Fees, and in 1995 sports lights for the original four baseball fields were upgraded with Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1992 funds. In 2005, .75 acres of former Pacific Electric Railway right-of-way were acquired to expand and redevelop Chittick Field, with funding from Community Development Block Grants. By 2000, the irrigation system for the four original fields had deteriorated and the fields were returning to dirt. Know as the "dust bowl' due to unpaved parking, conditions caused league play to be discontinued and redevelopment planning began.


    Baseball Field, Soccer Field.

    Map to the Park

    Children playing baseball at Chittick Field