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December 27
23598 Animal Buddies
Life is so much better when you are surrounded by your friends and family.  Join us as we learn about animals that like to hang in groups.  Whether it is exploring together, on the hunt for food, or raising their young, there is always a buddy nearby.    

December 28
23599 Opossum Odd—yssey
Join us as we investigate the awesome and sometimes unusual world of that funny looking little nighttime creature—the opossum.

December 29
23600 The Secret Life of Seeds
Why did the seed cross the road? To get to the other side. We will investigate how seeds travel, and what animals help them. Join us as we discover the secret of seeds.

January 2
23601 Art Adventures
Bring the outdoors in as you celebrate nature and your own creativity.

January 3
23602 Winter Shadows
Changes in sunlight affect living things during winter.  Join us as we explore the science behind survival techniques of creatures at the Nature Center.

January 4
23603 Which way did he go?
It’s a migration investigation as well look at why animals go from here to there and back again. 

January 5
23604 Earthsavers
You can help protect our planet by starting in your own backyard!  We’ll have lots of fun creating art from reusable objects, helping the habitat of the Nature Center with a planting project, and playing the Recycle Relay!  Join us for a day of giving back.