Nature Center Winter Break Workshops 

Pre-registration is required for all workshops at

NEW !  FUNDAY MONDAYS! Parent & Me Workshops – NEW!
Ages: 18 months - 5 years. 10-11:30 a.m.  $20 per class.  

Bring your imagination and sense of adventure as you and your child celebrate the seasons with a special morning of crafts, stories, songs, and outdoor exploration.  Parent participation required. 

A Cozy Winter Home
It’s the coldest time of the year at the Nature Center.  Some animals find a snug spot to tuck away and keep warm, while others come to visit just for a while. We’ll travel the trails looking for signs of familiar friends and new faces.  Bundle up, it’s time to explore!

35824 December 23

Winter Showers Bring Spring Flowers
Join us habitat helpers!  Before the rains come, we will care for our pollinator pals by sprinkling wildflower seeds throughout the Nature Center. We will also make a special flowery gift to take home!

35825 December 30  


Join us for vacation fun at the Nature Center!  Ages 5-8.  Children must have Kindergarten experience.

9:00 a.m. – Noon.  $20 per class. Pre-registration required

Creativity Abounds!

Get inspired!  We will celebrate the bounty of nature as we explore the trails.  Along the way, we’ll gather treasures to use in making our own unique nature masterpiece.

35815 December 24 

The Radical Relationship Between Rain and Roots.
Rain is a welcome friend during the winter and the plants in the Nature Center enjoy a good soak.  Join us for some hands-on fun as we get down-and-dirty caring for native plants and investigating how they provide food and shelter for animals during winter.

35817 December 27 

We’ve Got You Covered!
Is it camouflage or a warning?  You can tell a lot about an animal from the color and texture of their body covering.  Discover how fur, feathers, and scales can help Nature Center creatures survive out on the trails.

35816 December 31

Slip Slidin’ Away.
Slow moving, slimy and such an important part of the Nature Center’s habitat, snails and slugs play their part in the web of life with gusto.  And they’re cute.  Really. Come see for yourself.

35821 January 2

Whooo’s That?
They come out at night; secretive, silent, and stealthy. We’ll get wise to the special abilities that help owls thrive after the sun goes down. 

35820 January 3