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Educational Programs
Pre-registration is required.  Call (562) 570-1745.
$6 per person.
Looking to learn more about nature or earn an environment-themed badge?  Register your group for a naturalist-led exploration of the Nature Center’s diverse habitats.  1 ½ - hour program.  

Preschoolers, ages 3 to 5 years, $5 per person
Do you have owl eyes or a coyote nose? Explore using your senses and discover the unique patterns, shapes and colors of nature. We’ll watch for feathered, furry and scaly creates, go on an insect safari, touch a turtle shell or maybe make friends with a puppet.
Turtle Shells and Flower Smells
Kindergarten, $7 per person
Join us on a sensory safari as we use our eyes, ears, nose and fingers to experience the living world around us. We’ll watch for wings, listen for leaves and smell for scents as we observe similarities and differences in plants and animals.
Stayin’ Alive
First Grade, $7 per person
What do all living things need to survive? We’ll discover the answers to this question and more as we explore how animals find food, water, shelter and space in the wild.
Are You My Mother? 
Second Grade, $7 per person
From caterpillar to butterfly, tadpole to frog, seed to blossom, we'll investigate the life cycles of plants and animals. As we hike the trails, students will learn that all living things change as they grow.
Home Sweet Habitat 
Third Grade, $7 per person
Many birds, reptiles, insects and mammals call the Nature Center home. Whether they live at the muddy edges of the stream, in the top of the tallest tree, or in a hole in the ground, discover how their color, teeth, feathers, scales and fur enable them to survive.
Web of Life
Fourth Grade, $7 per person
From a red-shouldered hawk hunting for gophers over the meadow to a beetle munching on leaf litter, this tour takes a look at how living things depend on one another and on their environment for survival. Students will explore the role that producers, consumers and decomposers have in cycling energy and matter through an ecosystem.
What about Water?
Fifth Grade, $8 per person
The San Gabriel River watershed encompasses the Nature Center's ponds and streams that provide food, shelter and water for many animals. Using scientific tools and instruments, your students will explore these important habitats and discover the unique, life-sustaining properties of water.
Explore the Shore
Fifth Grade, $8 per person
Students discover how water sustains all life and how the water cycle shapes our local watershed and affects the marine ecosystem.  Includes  hands-on activities utilizing scientific tools and instruments.  Available at Granada and Cherry Beaches in Long Beach.