City Officials
The City of Long Beach, California is a municipal corporation formed in 1897. Long Beach uses the Council-Manager form of government. There are nine elected council members elected by the constituents of their district and a citywide elected mayor. In addition, there is an elected city attorney, a city prosecutor and a city auditor. Each elected official is elected for a term of four years. Council members representing the odd-numbered districts, the mayor and other city-wide officials are elected at the same time. Even-numbered districts are elected in a four year cycle two years after the city-wide elections.

The mayor and city council, the legislative branch of city government, are responsible for appointing two officials, the city manager and the city clerk. The legislative branch also appoints members of the charter mandated commissions and all other commissions and committees.

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Legislative Branch

Office of the Mayor - Bob Foster
1st District Councilmember - Robert Garcia
2nd District Councilmember - Suja Lowenthal
3rd District Councilmember - Gary DeLong
4th District Councilmember - Patrick O'Donnell
5th District Councilmember - Gerrie Schipske
6th District Councilmember - Dee Andrews
7th District Councilmember - James Johnson
8th District Councilmember - Al Austin
9th District Councilmember - Steven Neal

City-wide Elected Officials

City Attorney
City Auditor
City Prosecutor

Appointed Officials

City Manager
City Clerk

Commissions and Committees