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Honesty And The Airport
Impasse Requires More Than Placating And Politicking.
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Honest statement No. 1 came from Councilman Val Lerch, who, as before, cut through the baloney.  Lerch said the council should look at all the airport alternatives, as recommended by its own Airport Advisory Commission and a hired consultant. When his council colleagues refused, darned if he could accept this. Darned if we can, either.

Hardened opponents aren't about to be placated by politically-driven compromises such as the one approved by the council Tuesday. They will take what they can get now, then in about a year, when the environmental impact report is finished, they will look for more.

Temporizing, posturing and procrastinating will not help this process. More candor, on both sides, will.

Some things will not, or should not, change. The airport has broad support in the community and it won't go away. The number of flights is capped tightly by a court-approved ordinance and it could survive legal challenges. The best way to avoid legal challenges, though, is to operate the airport with adequate but not excessive resources, and to generate broad community support.

That will be possible only with more, not less, honesty. On all sides.

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