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4th Street Visioning Workshop - July 26
What is your vision for 4th Street? How can we make it better?

Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, business and neighborhood associations are asking you to participate in 3 workshops with urban planners RSAUD/UTILE, who will lead us in development of a vision plan.  Ultimately, these plans will inform city staff of the community's top priorities and give the city a leg up when applying for grants to MTA and other funding sources necessary for making significant improvements. These days many grants actually require community input, so the feedback, conceptual designs and narrative from these workshops can actually be dropped right into the grant application.

4th Street Visioning Workshop #2
Saturday, July 26 1:30 pm

Long Beach Senior Center
1150 East 4th Street

Whether you attend or not, please lend your voice by taking
the street survey at:

Workshop 1
Saturday, June 14
10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Workshop 2
Saturday, July 26

Workshop 3
Saturday, September 20
1:30 pm Location: Long Beach Senior Center

The vision plan has three main goals:
  1. Inform city staff of the community's priorities for projects and funding in the future
  2. Enable community groups to focus on long term goals
  3. Provide the basis for grant applications to MTA and other
  4. grant sources

( Click here for 4th Street Workshops Flyer )