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Human Trafficking - Ending Modern Day Slavery
Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery.  Children as young as 10 years old are forced or coerced into commercial sex acts or labor every day.  These vulnerable youth are doomed to a life of bondage, fear, and exploitation. 

Human Trafficking is a $33 Billion a year industry, second only to drug trafficking in profitable crimes.  An estimated 100,000 minors are trafficked for sex in the United States each year, 3,000 of which are in the Los Angeles region, including Long Beach. 

My goal is to stop sex trafficking by raising awareness and increasing penalties for those who participate in this crime. It is time to draw attention to what's really happening in our communities, so that we can work together to put an end to this injustice.  Human Trafficking is a real problem ruining the lives of the exploited. 
This proclamation is one of many steps I will take, in partnership with the Mayor and the City Council, to ensure we eradicate this crime and social blight from Long Beach.  

For more updates on this issue, please call my office at 562-570-6918.