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Unhealthy Air Quality Safety Tips
Due to the Colby Fire burning in the Angeles National Forest, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued an advisory on the unhealthy air quality forecasted for parts of LA County, including Long Beach.

Here are some tips you can follow to protect you and your family members from unhealthy air:

  • Stay indoors. Choose indoor options when air pollution levels are unhealthful. Keep your windows and doors closed. Use your air conditioning system and place it on recirculation mode, if available.
  • Reduce outdoor activity. Reducing your physical activity in outdoor areas lowers the amount of polluted air your body intakes. Curtail your involvement in outdoor activities and events that require prolonged exposure and strenuous exercise or sports participation.
  • Stay alert. Listen to your local news and weather forecasts and air quality alerts provided by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). If the air quality in your area worsens take necessary precautions and plan your activities accordingly.
  • While the ash and smoke are visible reminders of the pollution currently impacting our area, be even more cautious of the fine particles you can't see. These particles, which are invisible to the naked eye, bypass our natural defense system and lodge into our lungs. They can cause irritation, and over the long-term cause decreased lung function.
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