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A World Class Library
On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, the City Council moved forward with plans to build and design a new Civic Center. While the process is still early, we voted to begin a request for proposals process that will invite three teams to design and propose a new civic center that will include a new City Hall, a new Lincoln Park, and most importantly - a new Main Library that has the potential of leading the nation in library design, space, and services.

As I teacher, I am excited about the opportunity to partner with our local librarians and educators as we build a library and educational center to meet the needs of the new century. We should also partner with Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach City College, and the Long Beach Unified School District to create forward thinking educational spaces that meet the needs of our community, students, librarians, and faculty.

We can build the greatest library in the country by thinking big and working with those who know our library system best.  Imagine a Cal State Long Beach educational center adjacent to the new library, or perhaps faculty and student housing. We have the ability to transform our Downtown core into an educational center that meets the needs of all of Long Beach.

I want to encourage everyone to get involved over the next few months as we invite the community to meetings, town halls, and forums on the new civic center and library. In addition, I have asked the City Manager and will ask the three project teams to reach out to our local librarians, educators, and community members.

Not only must we build a grand library to house our incredible and large collection of books, but we must build a structure or structures that encourage learning, the exchange of ideas, and creative spaces for innovation.

Together, we will build a new civic center and library that meets the challenges of tomorrow.

Go Long Beach,

Robert Garcia
Long Beach Vice Mayor