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New Traffic Signals on Ocean Blvd Will Improve Traffic and Pedestrian Safety
New Traffic Signals Will Improve Traffic Flow and Pedestrian Safety



At last night's meeting, City Council approved the receipt of a $1.9 million MTA grant for an Advanced Traffic Control System on Ocean Boulevard from Alamitos Avenue to Belmont Shore. The project will replace aging traffic signal and communications equipment to enhance traffic flow, reduce vehicle delays, improve intersection safety, strengthen pedestrian connections to the beach, and curtail speeding along the Ocean Boulevard corridor from downtown to Belmont Shore.


The project includes the following key elements:

  • Installation of three new traffic signals facilitating pedestrian and cyclist access to the beach bike path at Ocean and Orizaba, Ocean and Coronado, and Ocean and Loma.
  • Implementation of the City's first pedestrian scramble operation at the intersection of Second Street and Livingston Drive. Pedestrian Scramble, or allway crosswalks, is an exclusive interval in the traffic signal operation where pedestrians are permitted to walk to and from any corner of an intersection.
  • Implementation of adaptive traffic signal control software at eighteen traffic signals so that they can adjust in real-time to changing traffic conditions during periods of high traffic volume, as well as provide traffic calming benefits at night or during periods of low traffic volumes.
  • Installation of fiber optic communications, vehicle detection systems, and closed circuit television cameras for remote monitoring and adjustment of traffic signals.