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Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee


Each council office has been asked to identify an individual to serve on the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). The Committee exists to determine whether any intersection utilized by children in coming to and from school poses a special problem of safety requiring the installation of an adult crossing guard. The PSAC has been inactive for the past several years due in large part to the inability to maintain a quorum to conduct business. The City would like to reactivate the Committee. Would you like to volunteer?

The Committee will meet three to four times per year and meetings will occur during the daytime. All members of the PSAC will be required to complete and file a Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests.

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If you would like to be nominated, please send me an email at

Commission on Youth and Children


The Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine's Commission on Youth and Children is a youth-adult board consisting of ten adults and nine youth. The adult commissioners include one Long Beach Unified School Board member, one parent of a child or children under the age of 21, and eight youth service experts. Each youth member has been selected by the City Council member of the district in which he/she resides, and appointed by the Mayor. Youth commissioners must be under the age of 19 at the time of appointment.

The Commission advises the Mayor and City Council on issues relating to the City's provision of services to youth and children and annually reviews the City's legislative agenda and Education and Youth Strategic Plan.

There is currently a 5th District youth vacancy on the Commission. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for this appointment, please ask that youth (19 years of age or younger) to send an email to

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