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Name that Station Survey

We need your help in naming the Blue Line station on First Street, between Pine and Pacific avenues. Currently, the platform is referred to as the "Long Beach Transit Mall" station, but Long Beach has an opportunity to suggest a new name to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Therefore, we are asking stakeholders like you to vote for your favorite station name by going to the following web link:

We will be accepting nominations until April 12, 2013.

According to MTA's policy for naming transit centers and facilities, names must refer to: a nearby street or freeway; a well-known destination or landmark; a community or district name; or a city name. The policy also states that it is preferable to use one name but multiple names can be used separated by a slash. 

We have suggested some names based on the station's location including the existing name. However, please feel free to offer your own name in the space provided to you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Second District office at (562) 570-6684.

Construction began in 1985 on the Metro Blue Line, which starts in downtown L.A. and then runs south for 30 km (22 miles) to Long Beach. At the southern end, the Blue Line turns in a single-track loop through downtown Long Beach, with short street-running sections. All stations have high platforms which allow easy access into the LRT vehicles (3-unit trains manufactured by Sumitomo-Nippon Sharyo, Japan - overhead power supply). Journey time for the entire route is 53 minutes. Opened in 1990, the Blue Line is the oldest and second busiest line in the system with an estimated 26.26 million boardings per year.