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Long Beach Heroes Finalist Darlene McInerney
Monday night our dedicated volunteer, Darlene McInerney, was honored as a finalist for Justin Rudd's Long Beach Heroes Award. Darlene won $1,000 for her work at our shelter. The award is presented annually to "unsung heroes" in the Long Beach community.

Darlene has been volunteering at our shelter for almost two years, she has mentored countless volunteers, assisted with securing donations for our guests, networked our adoptable animals and has helped facilitate countless adoptions (if it isn't in the hundreds yet, it has to be close). When she isn't volunteering here over 50 hours a month, she is a personal trainer and a fabulous Mom and wife. We don't know how she does it all but we are grateful. The animals in our care are blessed with her grace. Interested in helping us? Visit our volunteer opportunities page: