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Community Identified Infrastructure Projects Underway

Community Identified Infrastructure Projects Underway

Long Beach, CA – January 30, 2013 – During the summer of 2012, Fifth District residents were invited to help identify areas most in need of infrastructure repair through a series of meetings and an online survey ranking system introduced by Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske. The results of that process are beginning to be implemented throughout the district.

Currently, Long Beach Public Works has begun repair on the following streets:

· Barbanell Street between Radnor Avenue and San Vicente Avenue – the street was severely degraded with lifted gutters that cause standing water issues after rain and neighborhood watering. Total linear feet of curbs and gutters: 1857; 216 sq ft tree root shaving; 1770 sq ft driveways; 4 ADA ramp; 29,490 sq ft of street. Total cost: $228,936 Google map of street is available by clicking on

· Fanwood Avenue between Woodruff Avenue and Faust Avenue – though this neighborhood has a magnificent tree canopy, the gigantic ficus trees have caused extensive damage, lifting the street and breaking sidewalks and driveways. This street also has standing water issues similar to Barbanell’s problems. Total linear feet of curbs and gutters: 2650; 528 sq ft tree root shaving; 2828 sq ft of driveways; 2 ADA ramps; 37,770 sq ft of street. Total cost: $326,269. Aerial view of street can be seen at this link:, and the street level view is available at:

· Lees Avenue between Los Santos Drive and Stearns Street – Entire street has been devastated by growth of massive ficus with broken sidewalks, driveway aprons, gutters and street due to severe lifting. Street lifting in several areas is as much as 1.5-3 inches, causing a driving hazard as well as standing water issues. Total linear feet of curb and gutters: 2250; 360 sq ft. tree root shaving; 2180 sq feet of driveways; 31,450 sq ft of street. Total cost: $266,089. Street view of the pre-repair condition can be viewed at:

· Lanai Street & Rutgers Avenue – Severe standing water issues, broken pavement, curbs, and cracking sidewalks will be repaired. Total linear feet of curb and gutters: 55; 12 sq ft tree pruning and root shaving; 8,740 sq ft of street. Total cost: $20,175. Street view showing standing water problem can be viewed at:

Work on these streets will include:

· Tree trimming, root pruning and installation of root barriers for existing parkway trees and tree removals as necessary.

· Removal of existing deteriorated or root damaged sidewalks and construction of new concrete sidewalks.

· Repair of damaged irrigation systems.

“Funding for major capital improvement projects normally only allows an average of one or two street projects to be completed each year, creating a long waiting list. This year’s projects are being funded by the surplus oil revenue identified in Fiscal Year 2012 and a regular infrastructure allocation. I appreciate the input of the residents in helping to prioritize which projects are the most important to fix this year,” explained Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, “As additional funds become available, we will continue working our way down the remaining list of streets and curbs that need fixing.”

For more information, call Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske’s office at 562-570-6932 or email