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2012 - The Year in Review

Some of the City's major accomplishments in 2012 were:
- Violent Crime levels continue to be at record lows
- Initiated the first Police Academy since 2008, receiving over 3,000 applications
- Introduced the LBCOPS system, connecting public and private security cameras all across the City to the Police Department via the Internet
- Response times to Police Priority 1 Calls averaged 4.4 minutes, one of the lowest for any large city in California
- 15 New Firefighters graduated from a Firefighter Academy (the first in several years)
- The Fire Department developed a new paramedic model, which will result in improved response times and reduced costs.
- Completed construction of a new Airport terminal, 5 months ahead of schedule and on budget
- 42 Lane Miles of Major and Secondary Streets were repaired
- 14 Lane Miles of Residential streets were repaired
- 28,000 Trees were trimmed
- 11.54 Million barrels of oil were produced in Long Beach
- 11,000 service requests were completed via the Go Long Beach smartphone app
- Port of Long Beach related emissions continue to be dramatically reduced due to the Clean Air Action Plan
- Construction of the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse continues on schedule
- Completed Phase 1 of the restoration of the Colorado Lagoon
- 93% of the City's beaches received "A" grades (with one "B") for water quality
- Maintained a "AA-" bond rating, despite downgrades in other cities
- Completed Basin 4 of the Alamitos Bay Marina rebuild project, and are now under construction on Basin 1

( 2012 - The Year in Review )