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A Great Year for Long Beach
This year was a good year for our city, and I'm proud of our Mayor and City Council for guiding the city in a positive direction. Even in these tough economic times we were able to reduce our structural deficit, invest in infrastructure, and make important upgrades in technology. We built new developments, and have streamlined the way we do business.

There is much more work to do -- but we made steady progress. I have to thank Mayor Foster for his leadership. His focus on fiscal responsibility, pension reform, and enviornmental stewardship has produced positive results for our city. Earlier this week the Mayor and and city management released a list of city accomplishments over the past year.

Here is a review of just some of the great work of 2012:

  • We completed work on the new Long Beach Airport, and are opening the new Concourse and Renovated Terminal.
  • We completed nine new park projects, and initiated work on 10 additional projects
  • Re-opened Colorado Lagoon with A+ water quality after an $8.5 million restoration project
  • Maintained one of the fastest Priority One police response times for large cities in California
  • Developed and implemented the LBCOPS (Long Beach Common Operating Procedure) system linking public and private security cameras over the Internet to improve public safety
  • Maintained a "AA-" bond rating despite downgrades in other cities
  • Supported our local economy by purchasing $82 million in goods and services from local businesses
  • Consolidated fire and health plan review and inspection under Development Services, cutting red tape and enhancing customer service
  • Completed and adopted the Downtown Plan, providing simplified zoning and form-based development standards
  • 93% of the City's beaches received "A" grades (with one "B") for water quality during the summer from Heal the Bay
  • Responded to 11,000 "Go Long Beach" smartphone app service requests this year, and over 25,000 since we launched the app.
  • Resolved 12,300 Code Enforcement cases
  • Provided 10,800 adults with career counseling, transition, and skills development assistance through the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network
  • Saved approximately 33 million gallons of water through Parks, Recreation & Marine water conservation efforts
  • Completed formation and commenced operations of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency
  • Restored public access programming (PADNET) to Long Beach through a partnership with local non-profits
  • Repaired 42 lane miles of major and secondary streets
  • Trimmed 28,000 trees this year.
  • We were named a Top 10 Digital and Social Media City.
  • Named one of the nation's best cities for LGBT inclusion and policy.
You can read the full 2012 Year in Review, visit

2012 has been a great year, but the best is yet to come.