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Step on a crack...

Public Works Now Grouping Sidewalk Repairs Together By Neighborhood 


When I took office in 2006, I changed the system by which sidewalks were fixed in the 5th Council District. Not only did I introduce saw cutting which for a fraction of the cost can smooth out a raised sidewalk -- saving hundreds for each sidewalk -- but I also insisted that sidewalks be grouped by neighborhood so that we could repair more at one time. This replaced a costly "shot gun" approach of fixing one here and then several there without any consideration that more needed to be fixed in a neighborhood. I tried to take the politics out of who got their sidewalk repaired.


I also fought to get more money for the 5th Council District by arguing that it didn't make sense to give each council district the same amount of money, when each district did not have the same amount of sidewalks. The 5th is the largest district because we are so spread out and we have the most sidewalks.


I am proud to announce that the City is not only using our system of grouping sidewalk repairs together by neighborhood, but the 5th District is getting the most money for sidewalks. 


See the linked memo that explains what is happening and how as a result, the 5th District is actually getting more funds for sidewalk repair.


 Click here for sidewalk report


Click here to see a map of sidewalk repairs in the 5th District   




Gerrie Schipske 


P.S. Cracked sidewalks are the subject of a children's rhyme "Step on a crack and break your mother's back"  from the early 1900's. The next line is "Step on a line and break your mother's spine."  Yikes, a little hostile towards moms don't you think?