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Solar Grand Prix is in Running for National Prize
Solar Grand Prix In Running for National Prize
solar grand prix
Doing Good for Long Beach
Our communities shape how we live our lives, how we treat others, and how we see the world. How are we positively affecting our community?

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske has been trying to positively affect our community -- especially our middle and high school students -- to teach them about solar energy and the potential it has as a clean source of energy and a possible career path.

That's why she launched the Solar Grand Prix and has involved thousands of students, parents and teachers in this fun exercise to build solar cars and to race them using existing sunshine.

Gerrie has raised funds for the car kits each year and as more and more students want to enter the Solar Grand Prix -- more car kits need to be purchased. That's why she submitted the Solar Grand Prix in a national contest for $2500.

It's part of the Improve Your Community efforts and you have until October 11 to vote and help Councilwoman Schipske win $2500 for the kids who need a solar car kit.

Just click here and vote for the Solar Grand Prix idea!

Take a moment to see just how much excitement the Solar Grand Prix generates.

Solar Grand Prix Long Beach 2012
Solar Grand Prix Long Beach 2012