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Comments about $100,000 Club and IBM Revenue Idea
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Comments on $100,000 Club and Revenue Idea from IBM 
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08-28-2012 14:02:00 PM

The City needs to grapple with the problems outlined in the Long Beach Business Journal on $100,000 employee positions...  


08-28-2012 02:47:00 AM

A few months ago, I contacted our Director of Technology Services about the possibilities of the City of Long Beach participating in the City Forward project offered by IBM.  I asked Curtis Tani to check it out about how Long Beach could participate and if it was feasible, I would bring forward an agenda item urging our city's involvement...  

Schipske Proposes Specific Use of Funds to Restore Cuts -- Says Oil Revenues May Be Underestimated
08-24-2012 05:15:00 AM

Following a packed budget meeting in the 5th Council district where residents came to listen about proposed cuts to the City budget and to discuss their concerns about the impact of the cuts,Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske has compiled a listing of how a great deal of the these cuts can be restored by using the $17 million dollars that are excess from oil, refuse/street sweeping and state reimbursement for paramedic services....


08-21-2012 12:45:00 PM

Need a Breakdown of All Positions to Be Impacted by Proposed Cuts ...

08-16-2012 15:13:00 PM

From the moment she posted her Council calendar on line and set up her blog six years ago, Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske has brought one innovative way after another to open up Long Beach city government to its residents.... 


08-15-2012 22:19:00 PM

As we consider the devastating budget cuts proposed by the Mayor and City Manager, we need to keep in mind what are we doing to the character of this city and ask ourselves: are we driving away those residents who are attached to the city because we are taking away those drivers that kept them here?..


08-15-2012 01:08:00 AM

I was struck by a 2010 Knight Foundation story that surveyed the factors that make a resident love their city -- what makes the soul of a city. The story showed in 25 cities -- including Long Beach -- that residents who love their city help make the economy grow. What residents want are places to gather, clean and green spaces and openness -- acceptance by others.The cuts being proposed go to the soul of Long Beach...


08-11-2012 04:59:00 AM

The following is a chart I asked our Budget staff to prepare to break down how much each household in Long Beach pays monthly in property taxes for City Services. You will be very surprised about how little is spent on many services.Avg Monthly Prop Taxes Per House...


07-07-2012 05:52:00 AM

In an attempt to involve residents in the decision-making process about infrastructure, I have posted a survey with links to a line up of areas in the 5th Council District needing repairs. My thanks to the Grunion Gazette for featuring a story on this effort.Schipske Asks Residents To Prioritize Infrastructure - GovernmentRelated articlesWall Street Journal Reads Councilwoman Schipske's Blog...


06-16-2012 14:43:00 PMSuggest you check out is IBM's City Forward site.City Forward is a free, web-based platform that enables users - city officials, researchers, academics and interested citizens world-wide - to view and interact with city data while engaging in an ongoing public dialogue.

Gerrie Schipske
Councilwoman Schipske has represented the 5th Council District since 2006. She has focused steadily on making Long Beach more open, transparent and accountable.
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