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We are Installing 2,500 Bikes to Share
Last night, the City Council approved a contract with Bike Nation, a company that will be installing a major new Long Beach Bike Sharing program.

This exciting new project, to begin in February of 2013, will install 2500 bikes and 250 kiosks throughout the Downtown and the rest of the city. The program will allow residents and visitors to access state of the art bicycles for personal use. In addition, one of the best things about this program is that the bike kiosks will be solar-powered.

Bike Nation has proposed to invest $12 million to develop this environmentally sustainable program with no costs to the city. Having used Bike Share programs in various other cities, I have seen how much of a positive impact they have on business, tourism and for local residents.

The Bike Sharing program is just one of many biking initiatives we are working on. We continue to promote bike education, install new bike routes, bike sharrows, and new bike racks throughout the city.

We are working hard on making Long Beach the most bicycle-friendly, most sustainable, and highest quality of life city in California and in the nation.