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City To Create First Anti-Bullying Policy
Last week, the City Council approved our legislation to create the city's first anti-bullying policy. Long Beach is the largest provider of youth services outside of the Long Beach Unified School District, and yet had no official policy on bullying.

The legislation, modeled on the recently adopted anti-bullying policies of LBUSD, will be implemented in our youth, parks and recreation programs. The new policy will address best practices for employees, and set up a process to identify and support kids who are being bullied.

I want to thank my colleagues Councilwoman Schipske, Councilman Johnson and Councilman Neal for cosponsoring this item.

Bullying is a major public health issue in our country, and associated with poor school performance, mental health issues, and even suicide for some children. On numerous occasions I have been contacted by students and parents on this issue. Kids get bullied, and we need to ensured that we are protecting those children that need that extra support.

I'm proud that our City will be taking steps to combat this behavior and make sure our parks and youth programs remain a safe place for children and families. The policy is now being developed by staff, and will return to the City Council for final implementation.