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Summertime at the Colorado Lagoon
Colorodo Lagoon
Summertime at the Colorado Lagoon and the Living is Easy

Friends of the Colorado Lagoon's President, Dave Pirazzi, has written a blog to update us all on where the current dredging project currently is. Check out the article:

Also, we have updated our website to include our blog directly on the site. We will be keeping you updated on all FOCL restoration events and other Friends activities through the website, so please check it out regularly! 

Community-Based Events

Listed below are some of the great events we offer for our members and local community. Because of grant funding received from the RMC, we are able to offer these opportunities throughout the month, every month, for you to learn more about this restoration and contribute to a meaningful community improvement project.

Sat. July 14th ~ Estuary Exploration ~ 8am-10am
Join Pete as he walks us around the Lagoon and helps us understand the wetland a little bit better. It will be a terrific way to spend a beautiful July morning!

Sat. July 14th ~ Habitat Restoration ~ 10am-Noon
Whitney, our Restoration Technician, needs your help to maintain and restore the Colorado Lagoon, so come on down and make the restoration site a habitat.

Mon. July 16th, 23rd, & 30th  ~ Salt Marsh Mondays ~ 10am-2pm
These are Great opportunities to keep the Salt Marsh at the Colorado Lagoon happy and healthy. Also, a wonderful time for local students to learn about the local ecosytems while contributing the restoration project.

Continued Support from Great Partners - REI & NOAA/MSRP!

FOCL is proud to announce that we have received financial support for our second year in a row from REI through their Manhattan Beach store. REI has helped us develop our community-based restoration activities and specifically our trails around the Lagoon and we are grateful for their support. Thank you to REI and thank you to all of our supporters who made it possible to be awarded this competitive grant.

As we mentioned last month, we have also received continued financial support from NOAA'S Montrose Settlements Restoration Program. This is important funding for our environmental education programs that we offer free-of-charge to our community (you!). We believe in the power of keeping our members and community as informed as possible and spreading the word about the latest in Ecology, Environmental Science and Restoration. This funding will help us spread the word of sustainable fishing and marine contaminates in our local ecosystem.

FOCL's Education this Summer!

FOCL educators started our annual Summer Science Shack activities last Saturday and will be continuing throughout the rest of the Summer. Science Shack is FOCL's commitment to environmental education in action. FOCL naturalists will be raising awareness of healthy and sustainable fishing practices, discussing the Lagoon Restoration, and holding special restoration and science activities for kids of all ages. If you are interested in any of these, please visit us at the Lagoon from 2pm-7pm every Saturday and Sunday.

On a related note, one of FOCL's education interns, Helena, has submitted a photo of the Colorado Lagoon to the California Coastal Commission's Amateur Photo Contest. You are encouraged to submit your own photo (of the Lagoon!) and can vote for her shot here (voting ends this Friday):

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